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Savinelli Pipes are renowned for their outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are smoked with great delight by millions of pipe smokers. It all began with Achille Savinelli Sr. in 1876 when he opened one of the first stores in the world that sold tobacco and smoking articles exclusively. In 1948, his grandson opened the Savinelli Pipe Factory, and the pipes produced in this factory garnered high praise and helped to establish and make the Italian pipe-making market formidable. Savinellis goliath portfolio features classics such as the timeless Savinelli Trevi series, Bing Crosby's Favorite Pipe, and the Punto Oro Series, all the way up to new gems like the Oceano and most with the Savinelli balsa wood filter. Savinelli offers quite a wide range of price as well, with pipes as low as $60 (Series III) and as high as $1,500 (Autograph). One thing is for sure, there isn't a much more trusted name in Italian smoking than Savinelli.



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